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Has started on 20 February 2014 and we are now in the fourth version of 2017-2018.

E4C project aims at supporting the educational process at public schools and educational centers, including IDB camps, in the areas out of Assad’s regime control, where children have been suffering in all aspects of life and often are the victims of extremist ideologies targeting them. This support is directed towards the educational facilities through renovating schools’
buildings, setting up reading rooms at schools, child centers, and camps, in addition to a set of educational and entertaining publications (stories, encyclopedias, posters, and booklets).

The project also tries to provide educational and psychological support to children through different types of activities, some of them focus on enriching the children’s knowledge in certain school subjects such as science, geography, language and math, while other activities try to support the psychological well-being of the children, provide some entertainment and provoke their imagination like story writing workshops, school theatre, book clubs, festivities, sport activities, and movies. Among the targeted children this year, where children with special needs, especially, deaf-mute children who did a remarkable play performance this year.
Moreover, upon a school mapping run by medical teams in three different areas, several medical cases among children have been supported, in addition to healthcare campaigns in the camps and besieged areas, where medical staff members raised awareness among children and healthcare kits were distributed, including brochures and hygiene products.
The field team members are trained by CSRO to use the modern methods of education while they are an important part of project evaluation.
This project has firm criteria for selecting certain schools to be supported and hopes to continue its work with the children and teachers, and in rehabilitating the infrastructure of more schools and institutions.

Since its launch, the project has targeted more than 120,000 Syrian children inside Syria in areas beyond the control of the Syrian regime, camps, or shelters…

Official Documents:
These documents show the approval of the start of the E4C project and the approval of its final reports by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

  • E4C 1st phase – 2014-2015:
    Starting Approval (Download) – Final Report Authentication (Download).
  • E4C Fourth Phase – 2018:
    Final Report Authentication (Download)

*For more information about E4C project please contact us.

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