Children Reading Rooms

One of the E4C project activities is setting up activity rooms for children and painting them with appropriate colors, in addition to providing a library, carpets, some entertaining pedagogical games, stories and posters, which help children to read and entertain while spending time at these reading rooms. The rooms can be used also to conduct […]

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E4C 4th Pahse Posters

2200 copies of 10 new posters with different topics were designed, reviewed and distributed to the schools and reading rooms prepared during the 4th phases of the project. *If you are interested to have a copy of the posters please contact us.  59,391 total views

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Children story writing workshops

This program included 12 sessions that provide the students with enough space to activate their imagination through a number of creative activities, literature classes to talk about creative writing and some works from Arabic and world literature and the participatory writing accompanied these workshops when they reached the third session starting with composition tools and […]

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Kafer Nouran Center For Deaf-Mute children

The number of deaf-mute children in Kafer Nouran village (Aleppo Countryside in Syria) is estimated by 30 children and we are working on a statistic about the number of deaf-mute children in the other villages in the area. Kafr Nouran center in Aleppo countryside is the first center in the region for deaf-mute children. Mr. Omar […]

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E4C 2nd Phase Posters

These posters were designed and printed under the supervision of our organization in 2015  2,589 total views

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