Children story writing workshops

This program included 12 sessions that provide the students with enough space to activate their imagination through a number of creative activities, literature classes to talk about creative writing and some works from Arabic and world literature and the participatory writing accompanied these workshops when they reached the third session starting with composition tools and techniques and the steps to come up with a well-structured story. With session 6, students started individual writing exercises and based on which, 5 students were chosen after assessing the product of each one in the group. Then the work continued with those five on the simple narratives they came up with in more details and guidance by the Arabic teacher who conducted the whole workshop. During the last three sessions, the students worked with the teacher on editing the final version of their stories and drawing the scenes with the help of an art teacher.
Tow stories were chosen by the evaluation committee members and they have been printed, translated and distributed in Arabic and English.
-The Brave King: This story was written by Rayan Ali 12 years old from Alatreb city, Aleppo Countryside, Syria on 04/04/2018.
– Peace Bird: This story was written by Hala Hamoud 12 years old from Al-Bawabieh city, Aleppo Countryside, Syria on 14/04/2018.

*If you are interested to have a copy of the stories please contact us.

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