Kafer Nouran Center For Deaf-Mute children

The number of deaf-mute children in Kafer Nouran village (Aleppo Countryside in Syria) is estimated by 30 children and we are working on a statistic about the number of deaf-mute children in the other villages in the area. Kafr Nouran center in Aleppo countryside is the first center in the region for deaf-mute children. Mr. Omar Darwish is the supervisor of the center. He has a degree in English language and has started this project by himself, being a father of a mute girl and willing to give his best to support her and the other deaf-mute children in the village. His daughter Bayan is a very smart young girl. She is able to hear but unable to speak, has learned sign language and works with her father with those children, along with her great friend, Iman, who has a deaf-mute sister as well. At first, Mr. Omar didn’t have the chance to gather the children on a regular basis and implement a full activity program with them. After we were connected with the center through our coordinator, who is interested in this field, and had an idea about his project and the kind of support he needed, we have supported him and his center throw our project E4C-2018 by prepared a reading room in the center and provided it with furniture, equipment, games and publications, and now the venue has become suitable for more organized activities.
The workshops we implemented in the center were successful and fruitful reflected in the interaction of the children and a level of improvement in their performance and ability to express themselves and communicate their ideas and feelings to people around them.

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